Multi-shell dotfiles manager
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Author: Byron Torres <b@torresjrjr.com>
Date:   Sun,  7 Feb 2021 18:41:26 +0000

Initial config

A.gitignore | 1+
MREADME.md | 49+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Abash/.bash_logout | 3+++
Abash/.bash_profile | 13+++++++++++++
Abash/.bashrc | 26++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Abin/sync | 46++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Amisc/.inputrc | 11+++++++++++
Ash/.profile | 29+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Ash/.shrc | 33+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Azsh/.zcompdump | 1760+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Azsh/.zlogin | 3+++
Azsh/.zprofile | 9+++++++++
Azsh/.zshenv | 5+++++
Azsh/.zshrc | 46++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
14 files changed, 2034 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diff --git a/.gitignore b/.gitignore @@ -0,0 +1 @@ +local diff --git a/README.md b/README.md @@ -1,2 +1,51 @@ dotshell ======== + +Sensible config and management system for multiple shell dotfiles. +Has redundancy for unprivileged users (can't modify `/etc/profile`). + + +Usage +----- + +The $DOTSHELL variable is set to `~/.sh`. +Shell dotfiles in the home directory (~) can be removed (rm) safetly. +Use `.sh/bin/sync` to retrieve again. + +For all shell profiles to take effect, logout and login again. +For all shell rcfiles to take effect, source ".sh/<SHELL>/.<SHELL>rc". + + +### Unprivileged user + +sh + + $ ~/.sh/bin/sync sh # links `~/.profile` + +bash + + $ ~/.sh/bin/sync bash # links `~/.profile` & `~/.bashrc` + +zsh + + $ ~/.sh/bin/sync zsh # links `~/zshenv` + + +### Privileged user + +sh + + /etc/profile: export DOTSHELL="$HOME/.sh" + /etc/profile: export ENV="$DOTSHELL/sh/.shrc" + +bash + + /etc/profile: export DOTSHELL="$HOME/.sh" + + $ ~/.sh/bin/sync bash # links `~/.profile` & `~/.bashrc` + +zsh + + /etc/zshenv: export DOTSHELL="$HOME/.sh" + /etc/zshenv: export ENV="$ZDOTDIR/zsh" + diff --git a/bash/.bash_logout b/bash/.bash_logout @@ -0,0 +1,3 @@ +# +# ~/.bash_logout +# diff --git a/bash/.bash_profile b/bash/.bash_profile @@ -0,0 +1,13 @@ +# +# ~/.bash_profile +# +# This is a redundant file since bash will source ~/.profile instead. + +## Common + +#source ~/.profile + + +## Runtime + +#[[ -f ~/.bashrc ]] && . ~/.bashrc diff --git a/bash/.bashrc b/bash/.bashrc @@ -0,0 +1,26 @@ +# +# ~/.bashrc +# + +# If not running interactively, don't do anything +[[ $- != *i* ]] && return + +## Common + +source "$DOTSHELL/sh/.shrc" + + +## Settings + +set -o vi + + +## Env + +PS1='[\u@\h \W]\$ ' +HISTFILE="$XDG_CACHE_HOME/bash/histfile" + + +## Aliases + +alias rs='clear; source $DOTSH/bash/.bashrc' diff --git a/bin/sync b/bin/sync @@ -0,0 +1,46 @@ +#!/bin/sh +# sync +# Creates symbolic links from $HOME to .profile and .zshenv + +usage() { + printf "\ +Usage: sync {shell...} + +Creates symbolic links from ~ to corresponding shell dotfiles. +" +} + +test -z "$1" || test "$1" -eq "-h" && { usage ; exit 1 ;} + +test -z "$DOTSHELL" && { + echo "Warning! \$DOTSHELL was not set. Setting to default." + DOTSHELL="$HOME/.sh" +} +echo "DOTSHELL=$DOTSHELL" + +sync_dotfile() { + test -L "$2" && rm -v "$2" + test -e "$2" && { + printf "\e[31mError:\e[0m non-link \e[1m$2\e[0m exists, skipping\n" 1>&2 + return + } + ln -sv "$1" "$2" +} + +for shell in $@ +do + case $shell in + sh) + sync_dotfile "$DOTSHELL/sh/.profile" "$HOME/.profile" + ;; + bash) + sync_dotfile "$DOTSHELL/sh/.profile" "$HOME/.profile" + sync_dotfile "$DOTSHELL/bash/.bashrc" "$HOME/.bashrc" + ;; + zsh) + sync_dotfile "$DOTSHELL/zsh/.zshenv" "$HOME/.zshenv" + ;; + *) + echo "shell '$shell' unrecognised" + esac +done diff --git a/misc/.inputrc b/misc/.inputrc @@ -0,0 +1,11 @@ +# +# ~/.inputrc +# +# readline startup file + +set editing-mode vi +"kj": vi-movement-mode + +set completion-ignore-case +set show-all-if-ambiguous +set menu-complete-display-prefix on diff --git a/sh/.profile b/sh/.profile @@ -0,0 +1,29 @@ +# +# ~/.profile +# +# Local script for interactive POSIX login sh and bash. + + +## Env + +# shell +export DOTSHELL="$HOME/.sh" +# rcfile for interactive-only POSIX sh. See sh(1). +export ENV="$DOTSHELL/sh/.shrc" +export INPUTRC="$DOTSHELL/misc/.inputrc" + +# system defaults +export XDG_CONFIG_HOME="$HOME/.config" +export XDG_CACHE_HOME="$HOME/.cache" +export XDG_DATA_HOME="$HOME/.local/share" + +export EDITOR="vim" + +# programs config +export LESSHISTFILE="$XDG_CACHE_HOME/less/lesshst" + + +## Runtime + +# interactive login bash doesn't source .bashrc +test -n "$BASH" && source "$DOTSHELL/bash/.bashrc" diff --git a/sh/.shrc b/sh/.shrc @@ -0,0 +1,33 @@ +# +# .shrc +# +# The common POSIX script for interactive shells + + +## Aliases + +# bulitins +alias c='clear' +alias rs='clear; source $DOTSHELL/sh/.shrc' # overwritten +alias ls='ls --color=auto' +alias la='ls -A' + +# externals +alias tree='tree -C' + +# combinations +alias lf='la; tree -a -L 1' + + +## Rumtime + +pfetch +la ; echo +test -d .git && { + git log -1 --oneline --decorate + git status -s + echo +} + + +# ex: set ft=sh: diff --git a/zsh/.zcompdump b/zsh/.zcompdump @@ -0,0 +1,1760 @@ +#files: 771 version: 5.8 + +_comps=( +'-' '_precommand' +'-*-' '_bootctl' +'.' '_source' +'5g' '_go' +'5l' '_go' +'6g' '_go' +'6l' '_go' +'8g' '_go' +'8l' '_go' +'a2ps' '_a2ps' +'aaaa' '_hosts' +'aap' '_aap' +'abcde' '_abcde' +'ack' '_ack' +'ack2' '_ack' +'ack-grep' '_ack' +'ack-standalone' '_ack' +'acpi' '_acpi' +'acpitool' '_acpitool' +'acroread' '_acroread' +'adb' '_adb' +'add-zle-hook-widget' '_add-zle-hook-widget' +'add-zsh-hook' '_add-zsh-hook' +'admin' '_sccs' +'ali' '_mh' +'alias' '_alias' +'amaya' '_webbrowser' +'analyseplugin' '_analyseplugin' +'animate' '_imagemagick' +'anno' '_mh' +'ansible' '_ansible' +'ansible-config' '_ansible' +'ansible-console' '_ansible' +'ansible-doc' '_ansible' +'ansible-galaxy' '_ansible' +'ansible-inventory' '_ansible' +'ansible-playbook' '_ansible' +'ansible-pull' '_ansible' +'ansible-vault' '_ansible' +'ant' '_ant' +'antiword' '_antiword' +'aodh' '_openstack' +'aoss' '_precommand' +'apache2ctl' '_apachectl' +'apachectl' '_apachectl' +'aplay' '_alsa-utils' +'apm' '_apm' +'appletviewer' '_java' +'apropos' '_man' +'apvlv' '_pdf' +'arecord' '_alsa-utils' +'arena' '_webbrowser' +'arp' '_arp' +'arping' '_arping' +'-array-value-' '_value' +'asciidoctor' '_asciidoctor' +'asciinema' '_asciinema' +'ash' '_sh' +'-assign-parameter-' '_assign' +'at' '_at' +'atq' '_at' +'atrm' '_at' +'attr' '_attr' +'augtool' '_augeas' +'autoload' '_typeset' +'avahi-browse' '_avahi' +'avahi-browse-domains' '_avahi' +'avahi-resolve' '_avahi' +'avahi-resolve-address' '_avahi' +'avahi-resolve-host-name' '_avahi' +'awk' '_awk' +'b2sum' '_md5sum' +'barbican' '_openstack' +'base32' '_base64' +'base64' '_base64' +'basename' '_basename' +'bash' '_bash' +'batch' '_at' +'baz' '_baz' +'beep' '_beep' +'bg' '_jobs_bg' +'bibtex' '_bibtex' +'bindkey' '_bindkey' +'bison' '_bison' +'bmake' '_make' +'bogofilter' '_bogofilter' +'bogotune' '_bogofilter' +'bogoutil' '_bogofilter' +'bootctl' '_bootctl' +'bpython' '_bpython' +'bpython2' '_bpython' +'bpython2-gtk' '_bpython' +'bpython2-urwid' '_bpython' +'bpython3' '_bpython' +'bpython3-gtk' '_bpython' +'bpython3-urwid' '_bpython' +'bpython-gtk' '_bpython' +'bpython-urwid' '_bpython' +'-brace-parameter-' '_brace_parameter' +'brctl' '_brctl' +'bsdgrep' '_grep' +'bsdtar' '_tar' +'btdownloadcurses' '_bittorrent' +'btdownloadgui' '_bittorrent' +'btdownloadheadless' '_bittorrent' +'btlaunchmany' '_bittorrent' +'btlaunchmanycurses' '_bittorrent' +'btmakemetafile' '_bittorrent' +'btreannounce' '_bittorrent' +'btrename' '_bittorrent' +'btrfs' '_btrfs' +'btshowmetainfo' '_bittorrent' +'bttrack' '_bittorrent' +'buildhash' '_ispell' +'builtin' '_builtin' +'bunzip2' '_bzip2' +'burst' '_mh' +'busctl' '_busctl' +'bzcat' '_bzip2' +'bzegrep' '_grep' +'bzfgrep' '_grep' +'bzgrep' '_grep' +'bzip2' '_bzip2' +'bzip2recover' '_bzip2' +'bzr' '_bzr' +'c++' '_gcc' +'cabal' '_cabal' +'cal' '_cal' +'calendar' '_calendar' +'cat' '_cat' +'catchsegv' '_precommand' +'cc' '_gcc' +'ccal' '_ccal' +'cd' '_cd' +'cdc' '_sccs' +'cdcd' '_cdcd' +'cdr' '_cdr' +'cdrdao' '_cdrdao' +'cdrecord' '_cdrecord' +'ceilometer' '_openstack' +'certtool' '_gnutls' +'cftp' '_twisted' +'chage' '_users' +'chattr' '_chattr' +'chcon' '_chcon' +'chdir' '_cd' +'chfn' '_users' +'chgrp' '_chown' +'chimera' '_webbrowser' +'chkconfig' '_chkconfig' +'chkstow' '_stow' +'chmod' '_chmod' +'chown' '_chown' +'chpass' '_chsh' +'chroot' '_chroot' +'chrt' '_chrt' +'chsh' '_chsh' +'ci' '_rcs' +'cifsiostat' '_sysstat' +'cinder' '_openstack' +'ckeygen' '_twisted' +'cksum' '_cksum' +'clang' '_gcc' +'clang++' '_gcc' +'clay' '_clay' +'clear' '_nothing' +'cloudkitty' '_openstack' +'clusterdb' '_postgresql' +'cmp' '_cmp' +'co' '_rcs' +'code' '_code' +'column' '_column' +'comb' '_sccs' +'combine' '_imagemagick' +'combinediff' '_patchutils' +'comm' '_comm' +'-command-' '_autocd' +'command' '_command' +'-command-line-' '_normal' +'comp' '_mh' +'compadd' '_compadd' +'compdef' '_compdef' +'composer' '_composer' +'composer.phar' '_composer' +'composite' '_imagemagick' +'compress' '_compress' +'conch' '_twisted' +'-condition-' '_condition' +'config.status' '_configure' +'configure' '_configure' +'convert' '_imagemagick' +'coredumpctl' '_coredumpctl' +'cowsay' '_cowsay' +'cowthink' '_cowsay' +'cp' '_cp' +'cpio' '_cpio' +'cplay' '_cplay' +'cpupower' '_cpupower' +'createdb' '_postgresql' +'createuser' '_postgresql' +'crontab' '_crontab' +'crsh' '_cssh' +'cryptsetup' '_cryptsetup' +'cscope' '_cscope' +'csh' '_sh' +'cssh' '_cssh' +'curl' '_curl' +'cut' '_cut' +'cvs' '_cvs' +'darcs' '_darcs' +'dash' '_sh' +'date' '_date' +'dbus-launch' '_dbus' +'dbus-monitor' '_dbus' +'dbus-send' '_dbus' +'dconf' '_dconf' +'dcop' '_dcop' +'dcopclient' '_dcop' +'dcopfind' '_dcop' +'dcopobject' '_dcop' +'dcopref' '_dcop' +'dcopstart' '_dcop' +'dd' '_dd' +'declare' '_typeset' +'-default-' '_default' +'delta' '_sccs' +'designate' '_openstack' +'devtodo' '_devtodo' +'df' '_df' +'dhclient' '_dhclient' +'dhclient3' '_dhclient' +'dict' '_dict' +'diff' '_diff' +'diff3' '_diff3' +'diffstat' '_diffstat' +'dig' '_dig' +'dillo' '_webbrowser' +'dircmp' '_directories' +'dirs' '_dirs' +'disable' '_disable' +'disown' '_jobs_fg' +'display' '_imagemagick' +'dist' '_mh' +'django-admin' '_django' +'django-admin.py' '_django' +'dkms' '_dkms' +'dmake' '_make' +'dmesg' '_dmesg' +'dmidecode' '_dmidecode' +'doas' '_doas' +'domainname' '_yp' +'dos2unix' '_dos2unix' +'drill' '_drill' +'dropdb' '_postgresql' +'dropuser' '_postgresql' +'dsh' '_dsh' +'dtruss' '_dtruss' +'du' '_du' +'dvibook' '_dvi' +'dviconcat' '_dvi' +'dvicopy' '_dvi' +'dvidvi' '_dvi' +'dvipdf' '_dvi' +'dvips' '_dvi' +'dviselect' '_dvi' +'dvitodvi' '_dvi' +'dvitype' '_dvi' +'dwb' '_webbrowser' +'e2label' '_e2label' +'eatmydata' '_precommand' +'ecasound' '_ecasound' +'echotc' '_echotc' +'echoti' '_echoti' +'ed' '_ed' +'egrep' '_grep' +'elfdump' '_elfdump' +'elinks' '_elinks' +'emulate' '_emulate' +'enable' '_enable' +'enscript' '_enscript' +'entr' '_entr' +'env' '_env' +'eog' '_eog' +'epdfview' '_pdf' +'epsffit' '_psutils' +'-equal-' '_equal' +'erb' '_ruby' +'espeak' '_espeak' +'etags' '_etags' +'ethtool' '_ethtool' +'eu-nm' '_nm' +'eu-objdump' '_objdump' +'eu-readelf' '_readelf' +'eu-strings' '_strings' +'eval' '_precommand' +'eview' '_vim' +'evim' '_vim' +'evince' '_evince' +'exec' '_exec' +'expand' '_unexpand' +'export' '_typeset' +'express' '_webbrowser' +'extcheck' '_java' +'extractres' '_psutils' +'fakeroot' '_fakeroot' +'false' '_nothing' +'fc' '_fc' +'fc-list' '_xft_fonts' +'fc-match' '_xft_fonts' +'feh' '_feh' +'fetchmail' '_fetchmail' +'ffmpeg' '_ffmpeg' +'fg' '_jobs_fg' +'fgrep' '_grep' +'figlet' '_figlet' +'filterdiff' '_patchutils' +'find' '_find' +'findaffix' '_ispell' +'findmnt' '_findmnt' +'finger' '_finger' +'firefox' '_mozilla' +'-first-' '_first' +'fixdlsrps' '_psutils' +'fixfmps' '_psutils' +'fixmacps' '_psutils' +'fixpsditps' '_psutils' +'fixpspps' '_psutils' +'fixscribeps' '_psutils' +'fixtpps' '_psutils' +'fixwfwps' '_psutils' +'fixwpps' '_psutils' +'fixwwps' '_psutils' +'flac' '_flac' +'flex' '_flex' +'flex++' '_flex' +'flipdiff' '_patchutils' +'flist' '_mh' +'flists' '_mh' +'float' '_typeset' +'fmt' '_fmt' +'fmttest' '_mh' +'fned' '_zed' +'fnext' '_mh' +'fold' '_fold' +'folder' '_mh' +'folders' '_mh' +'fortune' '_fortune' +'forw' '_mh' +'fprev' '_mh' +'free' '_free' +'freebsd-make' '_make' +'freezer' '_openstack' +'fsh' '_fsh' +'ftp' '_hosts' +'functions' '_typeset' +'fuser' '_fuser' +'fusermount' '_fusermount' +'fwhois' '_whois' +'g++' '_gcc' +'galeon' '_webbrowser' +'gawk' '_awk' +'gb2sum' '_md5sum' +'gbase32' '_base64' +'gbase64' '_base64' +'gbasename' '_basename' +'gcat' '_cat' +'gcc' '_gcc' +'gccgo' '_go' +'gchgrp' '_chown' +'gchmod' '_chmod' +'gchown' '_chown' +'gchroot' '_chroot' +'gcksum' '_cksum' +'gcmp' '_cmp' +'gcomm' '_comm' +'gcore' '_gcore' +'gcp' '_cp' +'gcut' '_cut' +'gdate' '_date' +'gdb' '_gdb' +'gdd' '_dd' +'gdf' '_df' +'gdiff' '_diff' +'gdu' '_du' +'geany' '_geany' +'gegrep' '_grep' +'gem' '_gem' +'genisoimage' '_genisoimage' +'genv' '_env' +'get' '_sccs' +'getafm' '_psutils' +'getconf' '_getconf' +'getent' '_getent' +'getfacl' '_getfacl' +'getfacl.exe' '_getfacl' +'getfattr' '_attr' +'getmail' '_getmail' +'getopt' '_getopt' +'getopts' '_vars' +'gex' '_vim' +'gexpand' '_unexpand' +'gfgrep' '_grep' +'gfind' '_find' +'gfmt' '_fmt' +'gfold' '_fold' +'ggetopt' '_getopt' +'ggrep' '_grep' +'ggv' '_gnome-gv' +'ghead' '_head' +'ghostscript' '_ghostscript' +'ghostview' '_pspdf' +'gid' '_id' +'ginstall' '_install' +'git' '_git' +'git-cvsserver' '_git' +'gitk' '_git' +'git-receive-pack' '_git' +'git-shell' '_git' +'git-upload-archive' '_git' +'git-upload-pack' '_git' +'gjoin' '_join' +'glance' '_openstack' +'gln' '_ln' +'global' '_global' +'glocate' '_locate' +'gls' '_ls' +'gm' '_graphicsmagick' +'gmake' '_make' +'gmd5sum' '_md5sum' +'gmkdir' '_mkdir' +'gmkfifo' '_mkfifo' +'gmknod' '_mknod' +'gmktemp' '_mktemp' +'gmplayer' '_mplayer' +'gmv' '_mv' +'gnl' '_nl' +'gnocchi' '_openstack' +'gnome-gv' '_gnome-gv' +'gnumfmt' '_numfmt' +'gnupod_addsong' '_gnupod' +'gnupod_addsong.pl' '_gnupod' +'gnupod_check' '_gnupod' +'gnupod_check.pl' '_gnupod' +'gnupod_INIT' '_gnupod' +'gnupod_INIT.pl' '_gnupod' +'gnupod_search' '_gnupod' +'gnupod_search.pl' '_gnupod' +'gnutls-cli' '_gnutls' +'gnutls-cli-debug' '_gnutls' +'gnutls-serv' '_gnutls' +'god' '_od' +'gofmt' '_go' +'gpasswd' '_gpasswd' +'gpaste' '_paste' +'gpatch' '_patch' +'gpg' '_gpg' +'gpg2' '_gpg' +'gpgv' '_gpg' +'gpg-zip' '_gpg' +'gphoto2' '_gphoto2' +'gprintenv' '_printenv' +'gprof' '_gprof' +'gqview' '_gqview' +'gradle' '_gradle' +'gradlew' '_gradle' +'grail' '_webbrowser' +'greadlink' '_readlink' +'grep' '_grep' +'grepdiff' '_patchutils' +'grm' '_rm' +'grmdir' '_rmdir' +'groff' '_groff' +'groupadd' '_user_admin' +'groupdel' '_groups' +'groupmod' '_user_admin' +'groups' '_users' +'growisofs' '_growisofs' +'gs' '_ghostscript' +'gsbj' '_pspdf' +'gsdj' '_pspdf' +'gsdj500' '_pspdf' +'gsed' '_sed' +'gseq' '_seq' +'gsettings' '_gsettings' +'gsha1sum' '_md5sum' +'gsha224sum' '_md5sum' +'gsha256sum' '_md5sum' +'gsha384sum' '_md5sum' +'gsha512sum' '_md5sum' +'gshred' '_shred' +'gshuf' '_shuf' +'gslj' '_pspdf' +'gslp' '_pspdf' +'gsnd' '_pspdf' +'gsort' '_sort' +'gsplit' '_split' +'gstat' '_stat' +'gstdbuf' '_stdbuf' +'gstrings' '_strings' +'gstty' '_stty' +'gsum' '_cksum' +'gtac' '_tac' +'gtail' '_tail' +'gtar' '_tar' +'gtee' '_tee' +'gtimeout' '_timeout' +'gtouch' '_touch' +'gtr' '_tr' +'gtty' '_tty' +'guilt' '_guilt' +'guilt-add' '_guilt' +'guilt-applied' '_guilt' +'guilt-delete' '_guilt' +'guilt-files' '_guilt' +'guilt-fold' '_guilt' +'guilt-fork' '_guilt' +'guilt-header' '_guilt' +'guilt-help' '_guilt' +'guilt-import' '_guilt' +'guilt-import-commit' '_guilt' +'guilt-init' '_guilt' +'guilt-new' '_guilt' +'guilt-next' '_guilt' +'guilt-patchbomb' '_guilt' +'guilt-pop' '_guilt' +'guilt-prev' '_guilt' +'guilt-push' '_guilt' +'guilt-rebase' '_guilt' +'guilt-refresh' '_guilt' +'guilt-rm' '_guilt' +'guilt-series' '_guilt' +'guilt-status' '_guilt' +'guilt-top' '_guilt' +'guilt-unapplied' '_guilt' +'guname' '_uname' +'gunexpand' '_unexpand' +'guniq' '_uniq' +'gunzip' '_gzip' +'guptime' '_uptime' +'gv' '_gv' +'gview' '_vim' +'gvim' '_vim' +'gvimdiff' '_vim' +'gwc' '_wc' +'gwho' '_who' +'gxargs' '_xargs' +'gzcat' '_gzip' +'gzegrep' '_grep' +'gzfgrep' '_grep' +'gzgrep' '_grep' +'gzilla' '_webbrowser' +'gzip' '_gzip' +'hash' '_hash' +'hd' '_hexdump' +'head' '_head' +'heat' '_openstack' +'help' '_sccs' +'hexdump' '_hexdump' +'hilite' '_precommand' +'history' '_fc' +'host' '_host' +'hostname' '_hostname' +'hostnamectl' '_hostnamectl' +'hotjava' '_webbrowser' +'htop' '_htop' +'iceweasel' '_mozilla' +'icombine' '_ispell' +'iconv' '_iconv' +'iconvconfig' '_iconvconfig' +'id' '_id' +'identify' '_imagemagick' +'ifconfig' '_ifconfig' +'ifdown' '_net_interfaces' +'iftop' '_iftop' +'ifup' '_net_interfaces' +'ijoin' '_ispell' +'import' '_imagemagick' +'inc' '_mh' +'includeres' '_psutils' +'info' '_texinfo' +'infocmp' '_terminals' +'initctl' '_initctl' +'initdb' '_postgresql' +'insmod' '_modutils' +'install' '_install' +'install-info' '_texinfo' +'integer' '_typeset' +'interdiff' '_patchutils' +'ionice' '_ionice' +'iostat' '_iostat' +'ip' '_ip' +'ip6tables' '_iptables' +'ip6tables-restore' '_iptables' +'ip6tables-save' '_iptables' +'ipkg' '_opkg' +'ipsec' '_ipsec' +'ipset' '_ipset' +'iptables' '_iptables' +'iptables-restore' '_iptables' +'iptables-save' '_iptables' +'irb' '_ruby' +'ironic' '_openstack' +'irssi' '_irssi' +'isag' '_sysstat' +'ispell' '_ispell' +'iwconfig' '_iwconfig' +'jadetex' '_tex' +'jar' '_java' +'jarsigner' '_java' +'java' '_java' +'javac' '_java' +'javadoc' '_java' +'javah' '_java' +'javap' '_java' +'jdb' '_java' +'jobs' '_jobs_builtin' +'joe' '_joe' +'join' '_join' +'journalctl' '_journalctl' +'jq' '_jq' +'kdeconnect-cli' '_kdeconnect' +'kernel-install' '_kernel-install' +'keystone' '_openstack' +'keytool' '_java' +'kfmclient' '_kfmclient' +'kill' '_kill' +'killall' '_killall' +'killall5' '_killall' +'kioclient' '_kfmclient' +'knock' '_knock' +'konqueror' '_webbrowser' +'kpartx' '_kpartx' +'kpdf' '_pdf' +'ksh' '_sh' +'ksh88' '_sh' +'ksh93' '_sh' +'kvno' '_kvno' +'last' '_last' +'lastb' '_last' +'latex' '_tex' +'latexmk' '_tex' +'ldconfig' '_ldconfig' +'ldconfig.real' '_ldconfig' +'ldd' '_ldd' +'less' '_less' +'let' '_math' +'lftp' '_ncftp' +'lha' '_lha' +'light' '_webbrowser' +'limit' '_limit' +'links' '_links' +'links2' '_links' +'linux' '_uml' +'lldb' '_lldb' +'llvm-g++' '_gcc' +'llvm-gcc' '_gcc' +'llvm-objdump' '_objdump' +'ln' '_ln' +'loadkeys' '_loadkeys' +'local' '_typeset' +'locale' '_locale' +'localectl' '_localectl' +'localedef' '_localedef' +'locate' '_locate' +'log' '_nothing' +'loginctl' '_loginctl' +'logname' '_nothing' +'look' '_look' +'losetup' '_losetup' +'lp' '_lp' +'lpadmin' '_lp' +'lpinfo' '_lp' +'lpoptions' '_lp' +'lpq' '_lp' +'lpr' '_lp' +'lprm' '_lp' +'lpstat' '_lp' +'ls' '_ls' +'lsattr' '_lsattr' +'lsblk' '_lsblk' +'lsdiff' '_patchutils' +'lsinitcpio' '_mkinitcpio' +'lsmod' '_modutils' +'lsof' '_lsof' +'lsusb' '_lsusb' +'ltrace' '_ltrace' +'lua' '_lua' +'luarocks' '_luarocks' +'lynx' '_lynx' +'lz4' '_lz4' +'lz4c' '_lz4' +'lz4c32' '_lz4' +'lz4cat' '_lz4' +'lzcat' '_xz' +'lzma' '_xz' +'lzop' '_lzop' +'mac2unix' '_dos2unix' +'machinectl' '_machinectl' +'magnum' '_openstack' +'mail' '_mail' +'Mail' '_mail' +'mailx' '_mail' +'make' '_make' +'makeinfo' '_texinfo' +'makepkg' '_pacman' +'man' '_man' +'manage.py' '_django' +'manila' '_openstack' +'mark' '_mh' +'-math-' '_math' +'matlab' '_matlab' +'mattrib' '_mtools' +'mcd' '_mtools' +'mcopy' '_mtools' +'md2' '_cksum' +'md4' '_cksum' +'md5' '_cksum' +'md5sum' '_md5sum' +'mdadm' '_mdadm' +'mdel' '_mtools' +'mdeltree' '_mtools' +'mdir' '_mtools' +'mdu' '_mtools' +'mencal' '_mencal' +'mere' '_mere' +'merge' '_rcs' +'metaflac' '_flac' +'mformat' '_mtools' +'mgv' '_pspdf' +'mhfixmsg' '_mh' +'mhlist' '_mh' +'mhmail' '_mh' +'mhn' '_mh' +'mhparam' '_mh' +'mhpath' '_mh' +'mhshow' '_mh' +'mhstore' '_mh' +'mii-tool' '_mii-tool' +'mistral' '_openstack' +'mkdir' '_mkdir' +'mkfifo' '_mkfifo' +'mkinitcpio' '_mkinitcpio' +'mkisofs' '_growisofs' +'mknod' '_mknod' +'mksh' '_sh' +'mktemp' '_mktemp' +'mktunes' '_gnupod' +'mktunes.pl' '_gnupod' +'mlabel' '_mtools' +'mlocate' '_locate' +'mmd' '_mtools' +'mmm' '_webbrowser' +'mmount' '_mtools' +'mmove' '_mtools' +'modinfo' '_modutils' +'modprobe' '_modutils' +'module' '_module' +'mogrify' '_imagemagick' +'monasca' '_openstack' +'mondoarchive' '_mondo' +'montage' '_imagemagick' +'moosic' '_moosic' +'Mosaic' '_webbrowser' +'mosh' '_mosh' +'mount' '_mount' +'mozilla' '_mozilla' +'mozilla-firefox' '_mozilla' +'mozilla-xremote-client' '_mozilla' +'mpc' '_mpc' +'mplayer' '_mplayer' +'mpstat' '_sysstat' +'mr' '_myrepos' +'mrd' '_mtools' +'mread' '_mtools' +'mren' '_mtools' +'msgchk' '_mh' +'mt' '_mt' +'mtn' '_monotone' +'mtoolstest' '_mtools' +'mtr' '_mtr' +'mtype' '_mtools' +'munchlist' '_ispell' +'mupdf' '_mupdf' +'murano' '_openstack' +'mush' '_mail' +'mutt' '_mutt' +'mv' '_mv' +'mvim' '_vim' +'mx' '_hosts' +'mysql' '_mysql_utils' +'mysqladmin' '_mysql_utils' +'mysqldiff' '_mysqldiff' +'mysqldump' '_mysql_utils' +'mysqlimport' '_mysql_utils' +'mysqlshow' '_mysql_utils' +'nail' '_mail' +'native2ascii' '_java' +'nautilus' '_nautilus' +'nawk' '_awk' +'nc' '_netcat' +'ncal' '_cal' +'ncftp' '_ncftp' +'ncl' '_nedit' +'nedit' '_nedit' +'nedit-nc' '_nedit' +'netcat' '_netcat' +'netrik' '_webbrowser' +'netscape' '_netscape' +'netstat' '_netstat' +'networkctl' '_networkctl' +'neutron' '_openstack' +'new' '_mh' +'newgrp' '_groups' +'next' '_mh' +'nginx' '_nginx' +'ngrep' '_ngrep' +'nice' '_nice' +'nkf' '_nkf' +'nl' '_nl' +'nm' '_nm' +'nmap' '_nmap' +'nmblookup' '_samba' +'nmcli' '_networkmanager' +'nocorrect' '_precommand' +'noglob' '_precommand' +'nohup' '_precommand' +'nova' '_openstack' +'npm' '_npm' +'ns' '_hosts' +'nslookup' '_nslookup' +'ntalk' '_other_accounts' +'numfmt' '_numfmt' +'nvim' '_vim' +'objdump' '_objdump' +'od' '_od' +'ogg123' '_vorbis' +'oggdec' '_vorbis' +'oggenc' '_vorbis' +'ogginfo' '_vorbis' +'oksh' '_sh' +'okular' '_okular' +'openstack' '_openstack' +'opera' '_webbrowser' +'opera-next' '_webbrowser' +'opkg' '_opkg' +'p4' '_perforce' +'p4d' '_perforce' +'pack' '_pack' +'packf' '_mh' +'pacman' '_pacman' +'pacman-key' '_pacman' +'pacman.static' '_pacman' +'pandoc' '_pandoc' +'-parameter-' '_parameter' +'passwd' '_users' +'paste' '_paste' +'patch' '_patch' +'pax' '_pax' +'pcat' '_pack' +'pcred' '_pids' +'pdf2dsc' '_pdf' +'pdf2ps' '_pdf' +'pdffonts' '_pdf' +'pdfimages' '_pdf' +'pdfinfo' '_pdf' +'pdfjadetex' '_tex' +'pdflatex' '_tex' +'pdfopt' '_pdf' +'pdftex' '_tex' +'pdftexi2dvi' '_texinfo' +'pdftk' '_pdftk' +'pdftopbm' '_pdf' +'pdftops' '_pdf' +'pdftotext' '_pdf' +'pdksh' '_sh' +'perl' '_perl' +'perldoc' '_perldoc' +'pfiles' '_pids' +'pflags' '_pids' +'pg_config' '_postgresql' +'pg_ctl' '_postgresql' +'pg_dump' '_postgresql' +'pg_dumpall' '_postgresql' +'pg_isready' '_postgresql' +'pgrep' '_pgrep' +'pg_restore' '_postgresql' +'pg_upgrade' '_postgresql' +'php' '_php' +'pick' '_mh' +'picocom' '_picocom' +'pidof' '_pidof' +'pidstat' '_sysstat' +'pigz' '_gzip' +'pine' '_pine' +'pinef' '_pine' +'pinfo' '_texinfo' +'ping' '_ping' +'ping6' '_ping' +'pkgadd' '_pkgadd' +'pkg-config' '_pkg-config' +'pkginfo' '_pkginfo' +'pkgrm' '_pkgrm' +'pkill' '_pgrep' +'pldd' '_pids' +'pmake' '_make' +'pman' '_perl_modules' +'pmap' '_pmap' +'pmcat' '_perl_modules' +'pmdesc' '_perl_modules' +'pmeth' '_perl_modules' +'pmexp' '_perl_modules' +'pmfunc' '_perl_modules' +'pmload' '_perl_modules' +'pmls' '_perl_modules' +'pmpath' '_perl_modules' +'pmvers' '_perl_modules' +'podgrep' '_perl_modules' +'podpath' '_perl_modules' +'podtoc' '_perl_modules' +'poff' '_pon' +'policytool' '_java' +'pon' '_pon' +'popd' '_directory_stack' +'postconf' '_postfix' +'postgres' '_postgresql' +'postmaster' '_postgresql' +'postqueue' '_postfix' +'postsuper' '_postfix' +'prev' '_mh' +'print' '_print' +'printenv' '_printenv' +'printf' '_print' +'prompt' '_prompt' +'prove' '_prove' +'prs' '_sccs' +'prt' '_sccs' +'prun' '_pids' +'ps' '_ps' +'ps2ascii' '_pspdf' +'ps2epsi' '_postscript' +'ps2pdf' '_postscript' +'ps2pdf12' '_postscript' +'ps2pdf13' '_postscript' +'ps2pdf14' '_postscript' +'ps2pdfwr' '_postscript' +'ps2ps' '_postscript' +'psbook' '_psutils' +'psed' '_sed' +'psig' '_pids' +'psmerge' '_psutils' +'psmulti' '_postscript' +'psnup' '_psutils' +'psql' '_postgresql' +'psresize' '_psutils' +'psselect' '_psutils' +'pstack' '_pids' +'pstoedit' '_pspdf' +'pstop' '_pids' +'pstops' '_psutils' +'pstotgif' '_pspdf' +'pswrap' '_postscript' +'pump' '_pump' +'pushd' '_cd' +'pv' '_pv' +'pwait' '_pids' +'pwdx' '_pids' +'pwgen' '_pwgen' +'pyhtmlizer' '_twisted' +'qdbus' '_qdbus' +'qiv' '_qiv' +'quilt' '_quilt' +'r' '_fc' +'rake' '_rake' +'ranlib' '_ranlib' +'rar' '_rar' +'rc' '_sh' +'rclone' '_rclone' +'rcp' '_rlogin' +'rcs' '_rcs' +'rcsdiff' '_rcs' +'rdesktop' '_rdesktop' +'read' '_read' +'readelf' '_readelf' +'readlink' '_readlink' +'readonly' '_typeset' +'-redirect-' '_redirect' +'-redirect-,<,bunzip2' '_bzip2' +'-redirect-,<,bzip2' '_bzip2' +'-redirect-,>,bzip2' '_bzip2' +'-redirect-,<,compress' '_compress' +'-redirect-,>,compress' '_compress' +'-redirect-,-default-,-default-' '_files' +'-redirect-,<,gunzip' '_gzip' +'-redirect-,<,gzip' '_gzip' +'-redirect-,>,gzip' '_gzip' +'-redirect-,<,uncompress' '_compress' +'-redirect-,<,unxz' '_xz' +'-redirect-,<,xz' '_xz' +'-redirect-,>,xz' '_xz' +'refile' '_mh' +'rehash' '_hash' +'reindexdb' '_postgresql' +'reload' '_initctl' +'remsh' '_rlogin' +'renice' '_renice' +'repl' '_mh' +'resolvectl' '_resolvectl' +'restart' '_initctl' +'retawq' '_webbrowser' +'rgview' '_vim' +'rgvim' '_vim' +'ri' '_ri' +'rlogin' '_rlogin' +'rm' '_rm' +'rmd160' '_cksum' +'rmdel' '_sccs' +'rmdir' '_rmdir' +'rmf' '_mh' +'rmic' '_java' +'rmid' '_java' +'rmiregistry' '_java' +'rmm' '_mh' +'rmmod' '_modutils' +'route' '_route' +'rrdtool' '_rrdtool' +'rsh' '_rlogin' +'rsync' '_rsync' +'rtin' '_tin' +'rubber' '_rubber' +'rubber-info' '_rubber' +'rubber-pipe' '_rubber' +'ruby' '_ruby' +'ruby-mri' '_ruby' +'run-help' '_run-help' +'rup' '_hosts' +'rusage' '_precommand' +'rview' '_vim' +'rvim' '_vim' +'rwho' '_hosts' +'rxvt' '_urxvt' +'s2p' '_sed' +'sact' '_sccs' +'sadf' '_sysstat' +'sahara' '_openstack' +'sar' '_sysstat' +'scan' '_mh' +'sccs' '_sccs' +'sccsdiff' '_sccs' +'sched' '_sched' +'schedtool' '_schedtool' +'scons' '_scons' +'scp' '_ssh' +'screen' '_screen' +'script' '_script' +'scriptreplay' '_script' +'seaf-cli' '_seafile' +'sed' '_sed' +'senlin' '_openstack' +'seq' '_seq' +'serialver' '_java' +'service' '_service' +'set' '_set' +'setfacl' '_setfacl' +'setfacl.exe' '_setfacl' +'setfattr' '_attr' +'setopt' '_setopt' +'setsid' '_setsid' +'setxkbmap' '_setxkbmap' +'sftp' '_ssh' +'sh' '_sh' +'sha1' '_cksum' +'sha1sum' '_md5sum' +'sha224sum' '_md5sum' +'sha256' '_cksum' +'sha256sum' '_md5sum' +'sha384' '_cksum' +'sha384sum' '_md5sum' +'sha512' '_cksum' +'sha512sum' '_md5sum' +'sha512t256' '_cksum' +'shasum' '_shasum' +'shell-script' '_bootctl' +'shift' '_arrays' +'show' '_mh' +'showchar' '_psutils' +'showmount' '_showmount' +'shred' '_shred' +'shuf' '_shuf' +'shutdown' '_shutdown' +'sisu' '_sisu' +'skein1024' '_cksum' +'skein256' '_cksum' +'skein512' '_cksum' +'skipstone' '_webbrowser' +'slabtop' '_slabtop' +'slitex' '_tex' +'slocate' '_locate' +'slogin' '_ssh' +'slrn' '_slrn' +'smartctl' '_smartmontools' +'smbclient' '_samba' +'smbcontrol' '_samba' +'smbstatus' '_samba' +'soa' '_hosts' +'socket' '_socket' +'sort' '_sort' +'sortm' '_mh' +'source' '_source' +'spamassassin' '_spamassassin' +'split' '_split' +'splitdiff' '_patchutils' +'sqlite' '_sqlite' +'sqlite3' '_sqlite' +'sqsh' '_sqsh' +'sr' '_surfraw' +'srptool' '_gnutls' +'ss' '_ss' +'ssh' '_ssh' +'ssh-add' '_ssh' +'ssh-agent' '_ssh' +'ssh-copy-id' '_ssh' +'sshfs' '_sshfs' +'ssh-keygen' '_ssh' +'ssh-keyscan' '_ssh' +'star' '_tar' +'start' '_initctl' +'stat' '_stat' +'status' '_initctl' +'stdbuf' '_stdbuf' +'stg' '_stgit' +'stop' '_initctl' +'stow' '_stow' +'strace' '_strace' +'strace64' '_strace' +'strftime' '_strftime' +'strings' '_strings' +'strip' '_strip' +'strongswan' '_ipsec' +'stty' '_stty' +'su' '_su' +'subl' '_sublimetext' +'-subscript-' '_subscript' +'sudo' '_sudo' +'sudoedit' '_sudo' +'sum' '_cksum' +'surfraw' '_surfraw' +'sv' '_runit' +'svn' '_subversion' +'svnadmin' '_subversion' +'svnadmin-static' '_subversion' +'svnlite' '_subversion' +'swaks' '_swaks' +'swanctl' '_swanctl' +'swift' '_swift' +'swiftc' '_swift' +'sync' '_nothing' +'sysctl' '_sysctl' +'systemctl' '_systemctl' +'systemd-analyze' '_systemd-analyze' +'systemd-ask-password' '_systemd' +'systemd-cat' '_systemd' +'systemd-cgls' '_systemd' +'systemd-cgtop' '_systemd' +'systemd-delta' '_systemd-delta' +'systemd-detect-virt' '_systemd' +'systemd-inhibit' '_systemd-inhibit' +'systemd-machine-id-setup' '_systemd' +'systemd-notify' '_systemd' +'systemd-nspawn' '_systemd-nspawn' +'systemd-path' '_systemd-path' +'systemd-resolve' '_resolvectl' +'systemd-run' '_systemd-run' +'systemd-tmpfiles' '_systemd-tmpfiles' +'systemd-tty-ask-password-agent' '_systemd' +'tac' '_tac' +'tacker' '_openstack' +'tail' '_tail' +'talk' '_other_accounts' +'tar' '_tar' +'tardy' '_tardy' +'tcpdump' '_tcpdump' +'tcp_open' '_tcpsys' +'tcptraceroute' '_tcptraceroute' +'tcsh' '_sh' +'tda' '_devtodo' +'tdd' '_devtodo' +'tde' '_devtodo' +'tdr' '_devtodo' +'tee' '_tee' +'telnet' '_telnet' +'tex' '_tex' +'texi2any' '_texinfo' +'texi2dvi' '_texinfo' +'texi2pdf' '_texinfo' +'texindex' '_texinfo' +'tg' '_topgit' +'tidy' '_tidy' +'tig' '_git' +'-tilde-' '_tilde' +'time' '_precommand' +'timedatectl' '_timedatectl' +'timeout' '_timeout' +'times' '_nothing' +'tin' '_tin' +'tkconch' '_twisted' +'tkinfo' '_texinfo' +'tla' '_tla' +'tload' '_tload' +'tmux' '_tmux' +'todo' '_devtodo' +'todo.sh' '_todo.sh' +'toilet' '_toilet' +'top' '_top' +'totdconfig' '_totd' +'touch' '_touch' +'tpb' '_tpb' +'tput' '_tput' +'tr' '_tr' +'tracepath' '_tracepath' +'tracepath6' '_tracepath' +'traceroute' '_hosts' +'transmission-remote' '_transmission' +'trap' '_trap' +'tree' '_tree' +'trial' '_twisted' +'trove' '_openstack' +'true' '_nothing' +'truss' '_truss' +'tryaffix' '_ispell' +'tty' '_tty' +'ttyctl' '_ttyctl' +'tunctl' '_uml' +'tune2fs' '_tune2fs' +'tunes2pod' '_gnupod' +'tunes2pod.pl' '_gnupod' +'twidge' '_twidge' +'twist' '_twisted' +'twistd' '_twisted' +'txt' '_hosts' +'type' '_which' +'typeset' '_typeset' +'udevadm' '_udevadm' +'ulimit' '_ulimit' +'uml_mconsole' '_uml' +'uml_moo' '_uml' +'uml_switch' '_uml' +'umount' '_mount' +'unace' '_unace' +'unalias' '_aliases' +'uname' '_uname' +'uncompress' '_compress' +'unexpand' '_unexpand' +'unfunction' '_functions' +'unget' '_sccs' +'unhash' '_unhash' +'uniq' '_uniq' +'unison' '_unison' +'units' '_units' +'unix2dos' '_dos2unix' +'unix2mac' '_dos2unix' +'unlimit' '_limits' +'unlz4' '_lz4' +'unlzma' '_xz' +'unpack' '_pack' +'unpigz' '_gzip' +'unrar' '_rar' +'unset' '_vars' +'unsetopt' '_setopt' +'unwrapdiff' '_patchutils' +'unxz' '_xz' +'unzip' '_zip' +'uptime' '_uptime' +'urxvt' '_urxvt' +'urxvt256c' '_urxvt' +'urxvt256cc' '_urxvt' +'urxvt256c-ml' '_urxvt' +'urxvt256c-mlc' '_urxvt' +'urxvtc' '_urxvt' +'useradd' '_user_admin' +'userdel' '_users' +'usermod' '_user_admin' +'vacuumdb' '_postgresql' +'val' '_sccs' +'valgrind' '_valgrind' +'-value-' '_value' +'-value-,ADB_TRACE,-default-' '_adb' +'-value-,ANDROID_LOG_TAGS,-default-' '_adb' +'-value-,ANDROID_SERIAL,-default-' '_adb' +'-value-,ANSIBLE_STDOUT_CALLBACK,-default-' '_ansible' +'-value-,ANT_ARGS,-default-' '_ant' +'-value-,CFLAGS,-default-' '_gcc' +'-value-,CPPFLAGS,-default-' '_gcc' +'-value-,CXXFLAGS,-default-' '_gcc' +'-value-,-default-,-command-' '_zargs' +'-value-,-default-,-default-' '_value' +'-value-,DISPLAY,-default-' '_x_display' +'-value-,GREP_OPTIONS,-default-' '_grep' +'-value-,GZIP,-default-' '_gzip' +'-value-,LANG,-default-' '_locales' +'-value-,LANGUAGE,-default-' '_locales' +'-value-,LD_DEBUG,-default-' '_ld_debug' +'-value-,LDFLAGS,-default-' '_gcc' +'-value-,LESSCHARSET,-default-' '_less' +'-value-,LESS,-default-' '_less' +'-value-,LOOPDEV_DEBUG,-default-' '_losetup' +'-value-,LPDEST,-default-' '_printers' +'-value-,MPD_HOST,-default' '_mpc' +'-value-,P4CLIENT,-default-' '_perforce' +'-value-,P4MERGE,-default-' '_perforce' +'-value-,P4PORT,-default-' '_perforce' +'-value-,P4USER,-default-' '_perforce' +'-value-,PERLDOC,-default-' '_perldoc' +'-value-,PRINTER,-default-' '_printers' +'-value-,PROMPT2,-default-' '_ps1234' +'-value-,PROMPT3,-default-' '_ps1234' +'-value-,PROMPT4,-default-' '_ps1234' +'-value-,PROMPT,-default-' '_ps1234' +'-value-,PS1,-default-' '_ps1234' +'-value-,PS2,-default-' '_ps1234' +'-value-,PS3,-default-' '_ps1234' +'-value-,PS4,-default-' '_ps1234' +'-value-,RPROMPT2,-default-' '_ps1234' +'-value-,RPROMPT,-default-' '_ps1234' +'-value-,RPS1,-default-' '_ps1234' +'-value-,RPS2,-default-' '_ps1234' +'-value-,SPROMPT,-default-' '_ps1234' +'-value-,TERM,-default-' '_terminals' +'-value-,TERMINFO_DIRS,-default-' '_dir_list' +'-value-,TZ,-default-' '_time_zone' +'-value-,VALGRIND_OPTS,-default-' '_valgrind' +'-value-,WWW_HOME,-default-' '_urls' +'-value-,XML_CATALOG_FILES,-default-' '_xmlsoft' +'-value-,XZ_DEFAULTS,-default-' '_xz' +'-value-,XZ_OPT,-default-' '_xz' +'-vared-' '_in_vared' +'vared' '_vared' +'vcsh' '_vcsh' +'vim' '_vim' +'vimdiff' '_vim' +'virsh' '_libvirt' +'virt-admin' '_libvirt' +'virt-host-validate' '_libvirt' +'virt-pki-validate' '_libvirt' +'virt-xml-validate' '_libvirt' +'visudo' '_visudo' +'vitrage' '_openstack' +'vmstat' '_vmstat' +'vncserver' '_vnc' +'vncviewer' '_vnc' +'vorbiscomment' '_vorbis' +'vpnc' '_vpnc' +'vpnc-connect' '_vpnc' +'vserver' '_vserver' +'w' '_w' +'w3m' '_w3m' +'wait' '_wait' +'watch' '_watch' +'watcher' '_openstack' +'wc' '_wc' +'wget' '_wget' +'what' '_sccs' +'whatis' '_man' +'whence' '_which' +'where' '_which' +'whereis' '_whereis' +'which' '_which' +'who' '_who' +'whoami' '_nothing' +'whois' '_whois' +'whom' '_mh' +'wiggle' '_wiggle' +'wipefs' '_wipefs' +'wodim' '_cdrecord' +'wpa_cli' '_wpa_cli' +'write' '_users_on' +'www' '_webbrowser' +'xargs' '_xargs' +'xattr' '_attr' +'xauth' '_xauth' +'xautolock' '_xautolock' +'xclip' '_xclip' +'xdpyinfo' '_x_utils' +'xdvi' '_xdvi' +'xelatex' '_tex' +'xetex' '_tex' +'xev' '_x_utils' +'xfd' '_x_utils' +'xfig' '_xfig' +'xfontsel' '_x_utils' +'xfreerdp' '_rdesktop' +'xhost' '_x_utils' +'xkill' '_x_utils' +'xli' '_xloadimage' +'xloadimage' '_xloadimage' +'xlsatoms' '_x_utils' +'xlsclients' '_x_utils' +'xml' '_xmlstarlet' +'xmllint' '_xmlsoft' +'xmlstarlet' '_xmlstarlet' +'xmms2' '_xmms2' +'xmodmap' '_xmodmap' +'xmosaic' '_webbrowser' +'xon' '_x_utils' +'xournal' '_xournal' +'xpdf' '_xpdf' +'xping' '_hosts' +'xprop' '_x_utils' +'xrandr' '_xrandr' +'xrdb' '_x_utils' +'xscreensaver-command' '_xscreensaver' +'xset' '_xset' +'xsetbg' '_xloadimage' +'xsetroot' '_x_utils' +'xsltproc' '_xmlsoft' +'xterm' '_xterm' +'xtightvncviewer' '_vnc' +'xtp' '_imagemagick' +'xv' '_xv' +'xview' '_xloadimage' +'xvnc4viewer' '_vnc' +'xvncviewer' '_vnc' +'xwd' '_x_utils' +'xwininfo' '_x_utils' +'xwit' '_xwit' +'xwud' '_x_utils' +'xxd' '_xxd' +'xz' '_xz' +'xzcat' '_xz' +'yafc' '_yafc' +'yash' '_sh' +'yay' '_yay' +'ypbind' '_yp' +'ypcat' '_yp' +'ypmatch' '_yp' +'yppasswd' '_yp' +'yppoll' '_yp' +'yppush' '_yp' +'ypserv' '_yp' +'ypset' '_yp' +'ypwhich' '_yp' +'ypxfr' '_yp' +'ytalk' '_other_accounts' +'zargs' '_zargs' +'zcalc' '_zcalc' +'-zcalc-line-' '_zcalc_line' +'zcat' '_zcat' +'zcompile' '_zcompile' +'zcp' '_zmv' +'zdelattr' '_zattr' +'zdump' '_zdump' +'zeal' '_zeal' +'zed' '_zed' +'zegrep' '_grep' +'zen' '_webbrowser' +'zf_chgrp' '_chown' +'zf_chmod' '_chmod' +'zf_chown' '_chown' +'zfgrep' '_grep' +'zf_ln' '_ln' +'zf_mkdir' '_mkdir' +'zf_mv' '_mv' +'zf_rm' '_rm' +'zf_rmdir' '_rmdir' +'zfs' '_zfs' +'zgetattr' '_zattr' +'zgrep' '_grep' +'zip' '_zip' +'zipinfo' '_zip' +'zle' '_zle' +'zlistattr' '_zattr' +'zln' '_zmv' +'zmail' '_mail' +'zmodload' '_zmodload' +'zmv' '_zmv' +'zone' '_hosts' +'zparseopts' '_zparseopts' +'zpool' '_zpool' +'zpty' '_zpty' +'zsetattr' '_zattr' +'zsh' '_zsh' +'zsh-mime-handler' '_zsh-mime-handler' +'zsocket' '_zsocket' +'zstat' '_stat' +'zstyle' '_zstyle' +'ztodo' '_ztodo' +'zun' '_openstack' +'zxpdf' '_xpdf' +) + +_services=( +'bzcat' 'bunzip2' +'gchgrp' 'chgrp' +'gchown' 'chown' +'gnupod_addsong.pl' 'gnupod_addsong' +'gnupod_check.pl' 'gnupod_check' +'gnupod_INIT.pl' 'gnupod_INIT' +'gnupod_search.pl' 'gnupod_search' +'gpg2' 'gpg' +'gzcat' 'gunzip' +'iceweasel' 'firefox' +'lzcat' 'unxz' +'lzma' 'xz' +'Mail' 'mail' +'mailx' 'mail' +'mktunes.pl' 'mktunes' +'nail' 'mail' +'ncl' 'nc' +'nedit-nc' 'nc' +'pacman.static' 'pacman' +'pcat' 'unpack' +'-redirect-,<,bunzip2' 'bunzip2' +'-redirect-,<,bzip2' 'bzip2' +'-redirect-,>,bzip2' 'bunzip2' +'-redirect-,<,compress' 'compress' +'-redirect-,>,compress' 'uncompress' +'-redirect-,<,gunzip' 'gunzip' +'-redirect-,<,gzip' 'gzip' +'-redirect-,>,gzip' 'gunzip' +'-redirect-,<,uncompress' 'uncompress' +'-redirect-,<,unxz' 'unxz' +'-redirect-,<,xz' 'xz' +'-redirect-,>,xz' 'unxz' +'remsh' 'rsh' +'slogin' 'ssh' +'svnadmin-static' 'svnadmin' +'svnlite' 'svn' +'tunes2pod.pl' 'tunes2pod' +'unlzma' 'unxz' +'xelatex' 'latex' +'xetex' 'tex' +'xzcat' 'unxz' +'zf_chgrp' 'chgrp' +'zf_chown' 'chown' +) + +_patcomps=( +'*/(init|rc[0-9S]#).d/*' '_init_d' +) + +_postpatcomps=( +'c++-*' '_gcc' +'g++-*' '_gcc' +'gcc-*' '_gcc' +'gem[0-9.]#' '_gem' +'lua[0-9.-]##' '_lua' +'(p[bgpn]m*|*top[bgpn]m)' '_pbm' +'php[0-9.-]' '_php' +'pydoc[0-9.]#' '_pydoc' +'python[0-9.]#' '_python' +'qemu(|-system-*)' '_qemu' +'(ruby|[ei]rb)[0-9.]#' '_ruby' +'shasum(|5).*' '_shasum' +'(texi(2*|ndex))' '_texi' +'(tiff*|*2tiff|pal2rgb)' '_tiff' +'-value-,(ftp|http(|s))_proxy,-default-' '_urls' +'-value-,LC_*,-default-' '_locales' +'-value-,*path,-default-' '_directories' +'-value-,*PATH,-default-' '_dir_list' +'-value-,RUBY(LIB|OPT|PATH),-default-' '_ruby' +'*/X11(|R<4->)/*' '_x_arguments' +'yodl(|2*)' '_yodl' +'zf*' '_zftp' +) + +_compautos=( +'_call_program' '+X' +) + +zle -C _bash_complete-word .complete-word _bash_completions +zle -C _bash_list-choices .list-choices _bash_completions +zle -C _complete_debug .complete-word _complete_debug +zle -C _complete_help .complete-word _complete_help +zle -C _complete_tag .complete-word _complete_tag +zle -C _correct_filename .complete-word _correct_filename +zle -C _correct_word .complete-word _correct_word +zle -C _expand_alias .complete-word _expand_alias +zle -C _expand_word .complete-word _expand_word +zle -C _history-complete-newer .complete-word _history_complete_word +zle -C _history-complete-older .complete-word _history_complete_word +zle -C _list_expansions .list-choices _expand_word +zle -C _most_recent_file .complete-word _most_recent_file +zle -C _next_tags .list-choices _next_tags +zle -C _read_comp .complete-word _read_comp +bindkey '^X^R' _read_comp +bindkey '^X?' _complete_debug +bindkey '^XC' _correct_filename +bindkey '^Xa' _expand_alias +bindkey '^Xc' _correct_word +bindkey '^Xd' _list_expansions +bindkey '^Xe' _expand_word +bindkey '^Xh' _complete_help +bindkey '^Xm' _most_recent_file +bindkey '^Xn' _next_tags +bindkey '^Xt' _complete_tag +bindkey '^X~' _bash_list-choices +bindkey '^[,' _history-complete-newer +bindkey '^[/' _history-complete-older +bindkey '^[~' _bash_complete-word + +autoload -Uz _bootctl _busctl _coredumpctl _curl _hostnamectl \ + _journalctl _kernel-install _localectl _loginctl _machinectl \ + _mkinitcpio _networkctl _pacman _resolvectl _sd_hosts_or_user_at_host \ + _sd_machines _sd_outputmodes _sd_unit_files _systemctl _systemd \ + _systemd-analyze _systemd-delta _systemd-inhibit _systemd-nspawn _systemd-path \ + _systemd-run _systemd-tmpfiles _timedatectl _udevadm _yay \ + _cdr _all_labels _all_matches _alternative _approximate \ + _arg_compile _arguments _bash_completions _cache_invalid _call_function \ + _combination _complete _complete_debug _complete_help _complete_help_generic \ + _complete_tag _comp_locale _correct _correct_filename _correct_word \ + _describe _description _dispatch _expand _expand_alias \ + _expand_word _extensions _external_pwds _generic _guard \ + _history _history_complete_word _ignored _list _main_complete \ + _match _menu _message _most_recent_file _multi_parts \ + _next_label _next_tags _normal _nothing _oldlist \ + _pick_variant _prefix _read_comp _regex_arguments _regex_words \ + _requested _retrieve_cache _sep_parts _sequence _set_command \ + _setup _store_cache _sub_commands _tags _user_expand \ + _values _wanted _acpi _acpitool _alsa-utils \ + _analyseplugin _brctl _btrfs _chattr _chcon \ + _chrt _cpupower _cryptsetup _dkms _e2label \ + _ethtool _findmnt _free _fuse_arguments _fusermount \ + _fuse_values _gpasswd _htop _iconvconfig _ionice \ + _ipset _iptables _iwconfig _kpartx _losetup \ + _lsattr _lsblk _lsusb _ltrace _mdadm \ + _mii-tool _modutils _mondo _networkmanager _opkg \ + _pidof _pmap _qdbus _schedtool _selinux_contexts \ + _selinux_roles _selinux_types _selinux_users _setsid _slabtop \ + _ss _sshfs _strace _sysstat _tload \ + _tpb _tracepath _tune2fs _uml _valgrind \ + _vserver _wakeup_capable_devices _wipefs _wpa_cli _a2ps \ + _aap _abcde _absolute_command_paths _ack _adb \ + _ansible _ant _antiword _apachectl _apm \ + _arch_archives _arch_namespace _arp _arping _asciidoctor \ + _asciinema _at _attr _augeas _avahi \ + _awk _base64 _basename _bash _baudrates \ + _baz _beep _bibtex _bind_addresses _bison \ + _bittorrent _bogofilter _bpf_filters _bpython _bzip2 \ + _bzr _cabal _cal _calendar _canonical_paths \ + _cat _ccal _cdcd _cdrdao _cdrecord \ + _chkconfig _chmod _chown _chroot _chsh \ + _cksum _clay _cmdambivalent _cmdstring _cmp \ + _column _comm _composer _compress _configure \ + _cowsay _cp _cpio _cplay _crontab \ + _cscope _cssh _ctags_tags _curl _cut \ + _cvs _darcs _date _date_formats _dates \ + _dbus _dconf _dd _devtodo _df \ + _dhclient _dict _dict_words _diff _diff3 \ + _diff_options _diffstat _dig _directories _dir_list \ + _django _dmesg _dmidecode _dns_types _doas \ + _domains _dos2unix _drill _dsh _dtruss \ + _du _dvi _ecasound _ed _elfdump \ + _elinks _email_addresses _enscript _entr _env \ + _espeak _etags _fakeroot _feh _fetchmail \ + _ffmpeg _figlet _file_modes _files _file_systems \ + _find _find_net_interfaces _finger _flac _flex \ + _fmt _fold _fortune _fsh _fuser \ + _gcc _gcore _gdb _gem _genisoimage \ + _getconf _getent _getfacl _getmail _getopt \ + _ghostscript _git _global _global_tags _gnu_generic \ + _gnupod _gnutls _go _gpg _gphoto2 \ + _gprof _gradle _graphicsmagick _grep _groff \ + _groups _growisofs _gsettings _guilt _gzip \ + _have_glob_qual _head _hexdump _host _hostname \ + _hosts _iconv _id _ifconfig _iftop \ + _imagemagick _initctl _init_d _install _iostat \ + _ip _ipsec _irssi _ispell _java \ + _java_class _joe _join _jq _killall \ + _knock _kvno _last _ldconfig _ldd \ + _ld_debug _less _lha _libvirt _links \ + _list_files _lldb _ln _loadkeys _locale \ + _localedef _locales _locate _look _lp \ + _ls _lsof _lua _luarocks _lynx \ + _lz4 _lzop _mail _mailboxes _make \ + _man _md5sum _mencal _mh _mime_types \ + _mkdir _mkfifo _mknod _mktemp _module \ + _monotone _moosic _mosh _mount _mpc \ + _mt _mtools _mtr _mutt _mv \ + _my_accounts _myrepos _mysqldiff _mysql_utils _ncftp \ + _netcat _net_interfaces _netstat _newsgroups _nginx \ + _ngrep _nice _nkf _nl _nm \ + _nmap _npm _nslookup _numfmt _objdump \ + _object_files _od _openstack _other_accounts _pack \ + _pandoc _paste _patch _patchutils _path_commands \ + _path_files _pax _pbm _pdf _perforce \ + _perl _perl_basepods _perldoc _perl_modules _pgrep \ + _php _picocom _pids _pine _ping \ + _pkgadd _pkg-config _pkginfo _pkg_instance _pkgrm \ + _pon _ports _postfix _postgresql _postscript \ + _printenv _printers _process_names _prove _ps \ + _pspdf _psutils _pump _pv _pwgen \ + _pydoc _python _python_modules _qemu _quilt \ + _rake _ranlib _rar _rclone _rcs \ + _readelf _readlink _remote_files _renice _ri \ + _rlogin _rm _rmdir _route _rrdtool \ + _rsync _rubber _ruby _runit _samba \ + _sccs _scons _screen _script _seafile \ + _sed _seq _service _services _setfacl \ + _sh _shasum _showmount _shred _shuf \ + _shutdown _signals _sisu _slrn _smartmontools \ + _socket _sort _spamassassin _split _sqlite \ + _sqsh _ssh _ssh_hosts _stat _stdbuf \ + _stgit _stow _strings _strip _stty \ + _su _subversion _sudo _surfraw _swaks \ + _swanctl _swift _sys_calls _sysctl _tac \ + _tail _tar _tar_archive _tardy _tcpdump \ + _tcptraceroute _tee _telnet _terminals _tex \ + _texi _texinfo _tidy _tiff _tilde_files \ + _timeout _time_zone _tin _tla _tmux \ + _todo.sh _toilet _top _topgit _totd \ + _touch _tput _tr _transmission _tree \ + _truss _tty _ttys _twidge _twisted \ + _umountable _unace _uname _unexpand _uniq \ + _unison _units _uptime _urls _user_admin \ + _user_at_host _users _users_on _vcsh _vim \ + _visudo _vmstat _vorbis _vpnc _w \ + _w3m _watch _wc _webbrowser _wget \ + _whereis _who _whois _wiggle _xargs \ + _xmlsoft _xmlstarlet _xmms2 _xxd _xz \ + _yafc _yodl _yp _zcat _zdump \ + _zfs _zfs_dataset _zfs_keysource_props _zfs_pool _zip \ + _zpool _zsh _acroread _code _dcop \ + _eog _evince _geany _gnome-gv _gqview \ + _gv _kdeconnect _kfmclient _matlab _mozilla \ + _mplayer _mupdf _nautilus _nedit _netscape \ + _okular _pdftk _qiv _rdesktop _setxkbmap \ + _sublimetext _urxvt _vnc _x_arguments _xauth \ + _xautolock _x_borderwidth _xclip _x_color _x_colormapid \ + _x_cursor _x_display _xdvi _x_extension _xfig \ + _x_font _xft_fonts _x_geometry _x_keysym _xloadimage \ + _x_locale _x_modifier _xmodmap _x_name _xournal \ + _xpdf _xrandr _x_resource _xscreensaver _x_selection_timeout \ + _xset _xt_arguments _xterm _x_title _xt_session_id \ + _x_utils _xv _x_visual _x_window _xwit \ + _zeal _add-zle-hook-widget _add-zsh-hook _alias _aliases \ + _arrays _assign _autocd _bindkey _brace_parameter \ + _builtin _cd _command _command_names _compadd \ + _compdef _completers _condition _default _delimiters \ + _directory_stack _dirs _disable _dynamic_directory_name _echotc \ + _echoti _emulate _enable _equal _exec \ + _fc _file_descriptors _first _functions _globflags \ + _globqual_delims _globquals _hash _history_modifiers _in_vared \ + _jobs _jobs_bg _jobs_builtin _jobs_fg _kill \ + _limit _limits _math _math_params _mere \ + _module_math_func _options _options_set _options_unset _parameter \ + _parameters _precommand _print _prompt _ps1234 \ + _read _redirect _run-help _sched _set \ + _setopt _source _strftime _subscript _suffix_alias_files \ + _tcpsys _tilde _trap _ttyctl _typeset \ + _ulimit _unhash _user_math_func _value _vared \ + _vars _wait _which _widgets _zargs \ + _zattr _zcalc _zcalc_line _zcompile _zed \ + _zftp _zle _zmodload _zmv _zparseopts \ + _zpty _zsh-mime-handler _zsocket _zstyle _ztodo +autoload -Uz +X _call_program + +typeset -gUa _comp_assocs +_comp_assocs=( '' ) diff --git a/zsh/.zlogin b/zsh/.zlogin @@ -0,0 +1,3 @@ +# +# ~/.zlogin +# diff --git a/zsh/.zprofile b/zsh/.zprofile @@ -0,0 +1,9 @@ +# +# ~/.zprofile +# +# Login zsh sources this file after /etc/zshenv and ~/.zshenv + + +## Common + +source "$DOTSHELL/sh/.profile" diff --git a/zsh/.zshenv b/zsh/.zshenv @@ -0,0 +1,5 @@ +# +# ~/.zshenv +# +export DOTSHELL="$HOME/.sh" +export ZDOTDIR="$DOTSHELL/zsh" diff --git a/zsh/.zshrc b/zsh/.zshrc @@ -0,0 +1,46 @@ +# +# ~/.zshrc +# +# zsh sources this after $ZDOTDIR/.zprofile + + +## Common + +source "$DOTSHELL/sh/.shrc" + + +## Settings + +unsetopt beep + + +## Input + +bindkey -v +bindkey "kj" vi-cmd-mode + +# case-insensitive completion +autoload -U compinit && compinit +zstyle ':completion:*' matcher-list 'm:{a-zA-Z}={A-Za-z}' 'r:|[._-]=*' '1:|=* r:|=*' + + +## Env + +PS1="%f:: %n %F{yellow}%c %f%# " +HISTFILE="$XDG_CACHE_HOME/zsh/histfile" +HISTSIZE=1000 +SAVEHIST=1000 + + +## Aliases + +alias rs='clear; source $DOTSHELL/zsh/.zshrc' # overwrites + + +## Misc + +# # The following lines were added by compinstall +# zstyle :compinstall filename '/home/b/.shell/zsh/.zshrc' +# +# autoload -Uz compinit +# compinis