[vim] Hare vim plugin
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commit 44c3449156c2ef56b80eb982afa7c07e94f6dc72
parent 38e7db637b68e1fa944ed0fe9be61159b663e820
Author: Amelia Clarke <me@rsaihe.dev>
Date:   Mon, 22 Aug 2022 19:45:44 -0700

syntax: improve string and rune literals

This commit adds syntax highlighting for format strings. The \x, \u, and
\U escape sequences have been added as well. Additionally, a separate
highlight group has been added for runes.

Signed-off-by: Amelia Clarke <me@rsaihe.dev>

Msyntax/hare.vim | 19++++++++++++-------
1 file changed, 12 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)

diff --git a/syntax/hare.vim b/syntax/hare.vim @@ -29,13 +29,8 @@ syn match harePreProc "^use .*;" syn match harePreProc "@[a-z]*" syn match hareOperator "\.\.\." "\.\." syn match hareErrorAssertion "\v(^([^/]|//@!)*\)\_s*)@<=!\=@!" -syn match hareEscape "\\[\\\'\"0abfnrtv]" contained -syn match hareEscapeRaw "\\[\\0abfnrtv]" contained syn match hareQuestionMark "?" -syn region hareString start=+\z(["']\)+ end=+\z1+ skip=+\\\\\|\\\z1+ contains=hareEscape -syn region hareString start=+`+ end=+`+ contains=hareEscapeRaw - " Number literals. syn match hareNumber "\v(\.@1<!|\.\.)\zs<\d+([Ee][+-]?\d+)?(z|[iu](8|16|32|64)?)?>" display syn match hareNumber "\v(\.@1<!|\.\.)\zs<0b[01]+(z|[iu](8|16|32|64)?)?>" display @@ -46,6 +41,15 @@ syn match hareNumber "\v(\.@1<!|\.\.)\zs<0x\x+(z|[iu](8|16|32|64)?)?>" display syn match hareFloat "\v<\d+\.\d+([Ee][+-]?\d+)?(f32|f64)?>" display syn match hareFloat "\v<\d+([Ee][+-]?\d+)?(f32|f64)>" display +" String and rune literals. +syn match hareEscape "\\[\\'"0abfnrtv]" contained display +syn match hareEscape "\v\\(x\x{2}|u\x{4}|U\x{8})" contained display +syn match hareFormat "\v\{\d*(\%\d*|(:[ 0+-]?\d*(\.\d+)?[Xbox]?))?}" contained display +syn match hareFormat "\({{\|}}\)" contained display +syn region hareRune start="'" end="'\|$" skip="\\'" contains=hareEscape display extend +syn region hareString start=+"+ end=+"\|$+ skip=+\\"+ contains=hareEscape,hareFormat display extend +syn region hareString start="`" end="`\|$" contains=hareFormat display + syn match hareSpaceError display excludenl "\v\s+$" syn match hareSpaceError display "\v +\t"me=e-1 @@ -68,7 +72,9 @@ hi def link hareBoolean Boolean hi def link hareBuiltin Function hi def link hareComment Comment hi def link hareConditional Conditional +hi def link hareEscape SpecialChar hi def link hareFloat Float +hi def link hareFormat SpecialChar hi def link hareKeyword Keyword hi def link hareLabel Label hi def link hareNull Constant @@ -77,8 +83,7 @@ hi def link hareOperator Operator hi def link harePreProc PreProc hi def link hareQuestionMark Special hi def link hareRepeat Repeat -hi def link hareEscape SpecialChar -hi def link hareEscapeRaw hareEscape +hi def link hareRune Character hi def link hareStorageClass StorageClass hi def link hareString String hi def link hareStructure Structure