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commit 229426324f5335b11abff307a3432f5cbc45cd7a
parent 69d99359009090e5b59fcf046839434502144abb
Author: Blain Smith <rebelgeek@blainsmith.com>
Date:   Fri, 13 Oct 2023 20:56:12 -0400

rt: sockaddr_ll and ETH_P_* socket protocols in linux

This patch allows for binding directly to an interface (or all) and receive raw
packets based on the ETH_P_* protocol specified.

References: https://paste.sr.ht/~blainsmith/ac45343bbe2febf696c789eec32607818fe7c7b3
Signed-off-by: Blain Smith <rebelgeek@blainsmith.com>

Mrt/+linux/socket.ha | 112+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
1 file changed, 112 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diff --git a/rt/+linux/socket.ha b/rt/+linux/socket.ha @@ -45,12 +45,23 @@ export type sockaddr_nl = struct { nl_groups: u32, }; +export type sockaddr_ll = struct { + sll_family: sa_family_t, + sll_protocol: u16, + sll_ifindex: int, + sll_hatype: u16, + sll_pkttype: u8, + sll_halen: u8, + sll_addr: [8]u8, +}; + export type sockaddr = struct { union { in: sockaddr_in, in6: sockaddr_in6, un: sockaddr_un, nl: sockaddr_nl, + ll: sockaddr_ll, }, }; @@ -184,6 +195,107 @@ export def SOCK_NONBLOCK: int = 0o4000; export def SOCK_CLOEXEC: int = 0o2000000; // protocol for socket(2) +export def ETH_P_15: int = 0x88f7; +export def ETH_P_8021AD: int = 0x88a8; +export def ETH_P_8021AH: int = 0x88e7; +export def ETH_P_8021Q: int = 0x8100; +export def ETH_P_80221: int = 0x8917; +export def ETH_P_802_2: int = 0x4; +export def ETH_P_802_3: int = 0x1; +export def ETH_P_802_3_MIN: int = 0x600; +export def ETH_P_802_EX1: int = 0x88b5; +export def ETH_P_AARP: int = 0x80f3; +export def ETH_P_AF_IUCV: int = 0xfbfb; +export def ETH_P_ALL: int = 0x3; +export def ETH_P_AOE: int = 0x88a2; +export def ETH_P_ARCNET: int = 0x1a; +export def ETH_P_ARP: int = 0x806; +export def ETH_P_ATALK: int = 0x809b; +export def ETH_P_ATMFATE: int = 0x8884; +export def ETH_P_ATMMPOA: int = 0x884c; +export def ETH_P_AX25: int = 0x2; +export def ETH_P_BATMAN: int = 0x4305; +export def ETH_P_BPQ: int = 0x8ff; +export def ETH_P_CAIF: int = 0xf7; +export def ETH_P_CAN: int = 0xc; +export def ETH_P_CANFD: int = 0xd; +export def ETH_P_CANXL: int = 0xe; +export def ETH_P_CFM: int = 0x8902; +export def ETH_P_CONTROL: int = 0x16; +export def ETH_P_CUST: int = 0x6006; +export def ETH_P_DDCMP: int = 0x6; +export def ETH_P_DEC: int = 0x6000; +export def ETH_P_DIAG: int = 0x6005; +export def ETH_P_DNA_DL: int = 0x6001; +export def ETH_P_DNA_RC: int = 0x6002; +export def ETH_P_DNA_RT: int = 0x6003; +export def ETH_P_DSA: int = 0x1b; +export def ETH_P_DSA_8021Q: int = 0xdadb; +export def ETH_P_DSA_A5PSW: int = 0xe001; +export def ETH_P_ECONET: int = 0x18; +export def ETH_P_EDSA: int = 0xdada; +export def ETH_P_ERSPAN: int = 0x88be; +export def ETH_P_ERSPAN2: int = 0x22eb; +export def ETH_P_ETHERCAT: int = 0x88a4; +export def ETH_P_FCOE: int = 0x8906; +export def ETH_P_FIP: int = 0x8914; +export def ETH_P_HDLC: int = 0x19; +export def ETH_P_HSR: int = 0x892f; +export def ETH_P_IBOE: int = 0x8915; +export def ETH_P_IEEE802154: int = 0xf6; +export def ETH_P_IEEEPUP: int = 0xa00; +export def ETH_P_IEEEPUPAT: int = 0xa01; +export def ETH_P_IFE: int = 0xed3e; +export def ETH_P_IP: int = 0x800; +export def ETH_P_IPV6: int = 0x86dd; +export def ETH_P_IPX: int = 0x8137; +export def ETH_P_IRDA: int = 0x17; +export def ETH_P_LAT: int = 0x6004; +export def ETH_P_LINK_CTL: int = 0x886c; +export def ETH_P_LLDP: int = 0x88cc; +export def ETH_P_LOCALTALK: int = 0x9; +export def ETH_P_LOOP: int = 0x60; +export def ETH_P_LOOPBACK: int = 0x9000; +export def ETH_P_MACSEC: int = 0x88e5; +export def ETH_P_MAP: int = 0xf9; +export def ETH_P_MCTP: int = 0xfa; +export def ETH_P_MOBITEX: int = 0x15; +export def ETH_P_MPLS_MC: int = 0x8848; +export def ETH_P_MPLS_UC: int = 0x8847; +export def ETH_P_MRP: int = 0x88e3; +export def ETH_P_MVRP: int = 0x88f5; +export def ETH_P_NCSI: int = 0x88f8; +export def ETH_P_NSH: int = 0x894f; +export def ETH_P_PAE: int = 0x888e; +export def ETH_P_PAUSE: int = 0x8808; +export def ETH_P_PHONET: int = 0xf5; +export def ETH_P_PPPTALK: int = 0x10; +export def ETH_P_PPP_DISC: int = 0x8863; +export def ETH_P_PPP_MP: int = 0x8; +export def ETH_P_PPP_SES: int = 0x8864; +export def ETH_P_PREAUTH: int = 0x88c7; +export def ETH_P_PROFINET: int = 0x8892; +export def ETH_P_PRP: int = 0x88fb; +export def ETH_P_PUP: int = 0x200; +export def ETH_P_PUPAT: int = 0x201; +export def ETH_P_QINQ1: int = 0x9100; +export def ETH_P_QINQ2: int = 0x9200; +export def ETH_P_QINQ3: int = 0x9300; +export def ETH_P_RARP: int = 0x8035; +export def ETH_P_REALTEK: int = 0x8899; +export def ETH_P_SCA: int = 0x6007; +export def ETH_P_SLOW: int = 0x8809; +export def ETH_P_SNAP: int = 0x5; +export def ETH_P_TDLS: int = 0x890d; +export def ETH_P_TEB: int = 0x6558; +export def ETH_P_TIPC: int = 0x88ca; +export def ETH_P_TRAILER: int = 0x1c; +export def ETH_P_TR_802_2: int = 0x11; +export def ETH_P_TSN: int = 0x22f0; +export def ETH_P_WAN_PPP: int = 0x7; +export def ETH_P_WCCP: int = 0x883e; +export def ETH_P_X25: int = 0x805; +export def ETH_P_XDSA: int = 0xf8; // Dummy protocol for TCP export def IPPROTO_IP: int = 0;