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encoding::base64: update README

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diff --git a/encoding/base64/README b/encoding/base64/README @@ -2,11 +2,11 @@ Implementation of the base64 encoding scheme as defined by RFC 4648. A stream-based encoding and decoding interface is available via [[newencoder]] and [[newdecoder]], which transparently encode or decode bytes to or from base64 -when reading from or writing to an underlying I/O handle. +when writing to or reading from an underlying I/O handle. -Convenience functions for decoding to or from byte slices or strings are also -available; see [[encodeslice]], [[decodeslice]], [[encodestr]], and -[[decodestr]]. These functions dynamically allocate their return value; use the +Convenience functions for encoding to or decoding from a byte slice or a string +are also available; see [[encodeslice]], [[decodeslice]], [[encodestr]], and +[[decodestr]]. These functions dynamically allocate their return values; use the stream interface if you require static allocation. Each function accepts the desired base64 encoding alphabet as its first