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commit 4bf2c178534b89e2530654f55950513ec4f18dd3
parent 4a5771e0a935f4183859dd75dde6ad4e17625412
Author: Sebastian <sebastian@sebsite.pw>
Date:   Sat,  3 Jun 2023 21:44:03 -0400

contributors.sh: use git ls-tree instead of find

So only files which are known to git are searched (for instance, the
cache is no longer searched).

Signed-off-by: Sebastian <sebastian@sebsite.pw>

Mcontrib/contributors.sh | 3++-
1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/contrib/contributors.sh b/contrib/contributors.sh @@ -6,7 +6,8 @@ commits= while true; do files=${1:-.} if [ -d "$files" ]; then - files=$(find "${1:-.}" -name '*.ha' -o -name '*.s' -o -name README) + files=$(git ls-tree -r --name-only HEAD "$files") + files=$(printf '%s' "$files" | grep -E '(\.(ha|s)|(^|/)README)$') fi for file in $files; do