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Author: Drew DeVault <sir@cmpwn.com>
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A note from Hare's BDFL

Adds a document which explains my role and responsibilities and how best
to utilize me to further the best interests of the community.

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diff --git a/docs/bdfl.md b/docs/bdfl.md @@ -0,0 +1,58 @@ +# A note from Hare's BDFL + +Hi! My name is Drew DeVault. I am the original author and designer of the Hare +programming language, and, with the mandate of the Hare community, I am the +project's benevolent dictator for life (BDFL). + +The Hare project has grown a lot since I started working on it, and today there +are many talented people who work on the project at all levels, including those +coding in the trenches, in leadership positions, setting cultural norms, and +maintaining various subsystems or co-maintaining the project as a whole. For the +most part, the project runs smoothly thanks to their efforts and does not +require me to tread on too many toes. + +In my role as the BDFL, I aim to offer the project a number of helpful +resources, such as: + +- Overseeing the fiduciary responsibilities of the project +- Setting (and clarifying) the broader vision and direction for the project +- Organizing participants and empowering them to roles for which they are suited +- Planning long-term priorities and design goals +- Mediating conflicts in the community +- Providing the last word when consensus cannot be reached + +I also have the burden of doing the nasty work when necessary: if required I may +exercise my power to remove difficult parties from the community, revoke +permissions of participants if necessary, or put my foot down on a proposal that +does not align with the project vision. + +I am endowed with the last word, but I aim not to use it when it can be avoided. +I am a very busy person, and the project's scope exceeds my ability to manage it +alone. As such, it delights me when the community steps up to take on +responsibilities at every level. I try not to impose my will on the project too +much -- it's better if my role as the BDFL is a tool that the community chooses +to use when necessary. + +If my resources are required to see something through, I have some specific +appeals regarding how community members can best utilize my attention. I cannot +keep up with most of the IRC discussions and a substantial fraction of the +mailing lists, but I will endeavour to participate when my presence is directly +requested. + +If you require simple admin tasks, that only I am able to perform (e.g. spending +money on something, updating harelang.org DNS, managing contributor permissions +on SourceHut, etc), send me an email directly (sir@cmpwn.com) and I'll try to +get it done within a day or two. + +Otherwise, you can get my attention on a discussion by Cc'ing me directly on an +email or mentioning my name (ddevault) on IRC.\* You can also reach out to me +privately via email or IRC if you have something specific to discuss or request. +The latency on such requests may be annoying, but please be patient and I will +strive to answer in the timeliest manner possible. + +\* If you mention me on IRC please include a small summary of what you need in +the same message as my handle, so that I can still grasp the situation if I am +away from IRC for a few hours and the backlog fills up. + +That's all! Thanks for participating in the Hare community, and thanks for your +trust. Have fun out there!