The Hare programming language
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commit b021d0f00526d834dbbbc1ac6427497fd6b5f394
parent f0689316511925d4b735572cf2fc9b3e2ada173d
Author: Drew DeVault <sir@cmpwn.com>
Date:   Fri, 24 Dec 2021 15:06:33 +0100

Makefile: move .bin/harec to harec2

Temporarily, until the compiler actually works, so that if you add both
harec and hare/.bin to your PATH the 'harec' binary still refers to a
working compiler.

Signed-off-by: Drew DeVault <sir@cmpwn.com>

MMakefile | 8++++----
1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/Makefile b/Makefile @@ -70,10 +70,10 @@ $(TESTCACHE)/hare.ssa: $(hare_srcs) $(testlib_deps_any) $(testlib_deps_$(PLATFOR @$(LD) -T $(rtscript) -o $@ \ $(TESTCACHE)/hare.o $(testlib_deps_any) $(testlib_deps_$(PLATFORM)) -.bin/harec: .bin/hare $(harec_srcs) +.bin/harec2: .bin/hare $(harec_srcs) @mkdir -p .bin @printf 'HARE\t$@\n' - @env HAREPATH=. ./.bin/hare build -o .bin/harec ./cmd/harec + @env HAREPATH=. ./.bin/hare build -o .bin/harec2 ./cmd/harec .bin/haredoc: .bin/hare $(haredoc_srcs) @mkdir -p .bin @@ -91,6 +91,6 @@ clean: check: .bin/hare-tests @./.bin/hare-tests -all: .bin/hare .bin/harec .bin/haredoc +all: .bin/hare .bin/harec2 .bin/haredoc -.PHONY: all clean check .bin/harec .bin/haredoc +.PHONY: all clean check .bin/harec2 .bin/haredoc