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encoding::xml: add module docs

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diff --git a/encoding/xml/parser.ha b/encoding/xml/parser.ha @@ -1,3 +1,16 @@ +// encoding::xml provides a simple parser of the useful subset of the XML 1.0 +// (Fifth Edition) specification as defined by the W3C. Features omitted are: +// +// - Support for user-defined entities +// - Support for UTF-16 inputs or a UTF-8 BOM +// +// Attempting to parse an input file which does not conform to the supported +// subset of XML will return a syntax error. The purpose of this module is to +// support most XML files found in the wild, without supporting the lesser-used +// features that lead to problems like "billion laughs" vulnerabilities. If a +// fully conformant XML parser is required for your application, you will need +// to use a third-party XML implementation. Such an implementation should be +// able to shadow the standard library version and present a compatible API. use ascii; use bufio; use encoding::utf8;