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diff --git a/README.md b/README.md @@ -55,3 +55,31 @@ Explanation of terms: designed to be the compiler used for day-to-day language use. - build driver: similar to make, its purpose is to collect source files, track their dependencies, and build them into Hare programs. + +## Licensing + +We are not your lawyer, but here is a simple explanation of the intention behind +the Hare licenses. + +The Hare standard library is available under the terms of the Mozilla Public +License (MPL). You can freely link to the standard library with software +distributed under any license, but if you modify the standard library, you must +release your derivative works under the MPL as well. + +The executables - the build driver, hare, and the compiler, harec, are available +under the GPL 3.0 (but *not* any later version). This permits free use and +redistribution, but any changes to it require you to share the derivative work +under the terms of the GPL. It is stricter than the MPL; if you link to the +compiler or build driver code from a third-party program it will require you to +release the third-party code as well. + +In short, you can write programs in Hare which use the standard library and +distribute those programs under any terms you wish. However, if you modify Hare +itself, you must share your changes as well. + +The Hare specification is licensed much more strictly: CC-BY-ND. This license +allows free redistribution of the document, but prohibits derivative works +entirely. The purpose is to prevent the proliferation of vendor extensions to +the language itself. However, these terms only apply to the specification +itself: if you use the specification write an implementation of the Hare +language, you are not restricted in how you license your work.