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commit 3d4219bb46a3f2072a01680591f823e3c44bd19b
parent 5dd2f47cc59173ff36e3cf323e64e35902c8285a
Author: Sudipto Mallick <smlckz@envs.net>
Date:   Sat,  3 Apr 2021 13:16:58 +0000

fix printing of floating point numbers in ssa

The floating point numbers were truncated to six digits after decimal point for the usage of `%f`

Msrc/emit.c | 4++--
1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/src/emit.c b/src/emit.c @@ -94,10 +94,10 @@ emit_const(struct qbe_value *val, FILE *out) fprintf(out, "%lu", val->lval); break; case Q_SINGLE: - fprintf(out, "s_%f", val->sval); + fprintf(out, "s_%.8g", val->sval); break; case Q_DOUBLE: - fprintf(out, "d_%f", val->dval); + fprintf(out, "d_%.16g", val->dval); break; case Q__VOID: case Q__AGGREGATE: