[hare] Set of POSIX utilities
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DateCommit messageAuthorFiles+-
2023-10-21 20:13update per upstream; various fixesByron Torres6+22-17
2023-08-31 13:22all: fixes for upstream Hare updatesDrew DeVault5+10-10
2023-08-10 05:48Update for stdlib changesByron Torres5+15-15
2023-06-12 01:52main: add usage()Byron Torres9+52-46
2023-06-12 01:52uniq: fix config initializationByron Torres1+5-3
2023-06-03 06:23yes: new commandDmitry Matveyev1+23-0
2023-03-06 12:55ls: new commandiamthenoname3+401-0
2023-02-10 18:24nl: update for regex::findByron Torres1+2-3
2022-12-09 23:56Update for strings::fromutf8, os::exec::setenvByron Torres3+14-3
2022-07-23 08:18Use fatalf() instead of fatal() for formatted error outputnoname5+6-6
2022-05-16 03:47nl: update for regex changesByron Torres1+5-7
2022-05-09 03:25main: update fmt::fatal usageCormac Stephenson1+3-3
2022-04-28 22:00nl: improve output consistency and UTF8 handlingByron Torres1+34-21
2022-04-28 22:00nl: perform arg check earlierByron Torres1+4-4
2022-04-28 22:00nl: implement regex line matchingByron Torres1+103-41
2022-04-28 22:00nl: use strings::try_fromutf8Byron Torres1+8-1
2022-04-28 22:00Revert "nl: fix invalid error propagation"Byron Torres1+7-7
2022-04-25 21:31uniq: new commandAlex McGrath3+162-0
2022-04-26 22:13io::close can errorSebastian5+17-7
2022-03-11 23:44Makefile: fix targetsSebastian1+9-5
2022-04-18 00:11nl: propagate errors in printlnSebastian1+4-4
2022-04-14 12:47nl: fix invalid error propagationDrew DeVault1+7-7
2022-03-11 23:44basename: use strings::trimsuffixSebastian1+2-6
2022-03-16 08:39pwd: use os::realpathDrew DeVault1+4-39
2022-03-04 11:27rm: new utilityDrew DeVault3+72-1
2022-03-04 11:09main: correct error type in utilmain prototypeDrew DeVault1+1-1
2022-02-11 13:31cat: fix - and -uDrew DeVault1+17-8
2022-01-08 16:35pwd: use const where appropriateDrew DeVault1+2-2
2022-01-08 13:02pwd: further improvementsDrew DeVault1+4-5
2022-01-08 10:22pwd: rewrite resolvelinksDrew DeVault1+10-27
2022-01-07 12:17pwd: add TODO commentDrew DeVault1+1-0
2022-01-07 12:05pwd: implement -P flagDrew DeVault1+61-4
2022-01-06 14:36pwd: new commandDrew DeVault3+42-0
2022-01-02 14:23Updates per bufio changesDrew DeVault2+3-4
2022-01-02 13:08wc: update strio usageDrew DeVault1+6-6
2021-12-26 09:10wc: new utilityDrew DeVault3+152-1
2021-12-25 14:01env: new commandDrew DeVault4+71-1
2021-12-08 17:57nl: improve error messagesByron Torres1+17-13
2021-12-08 17:03Update for new match binding 'case let' syntaxByron Torres6+21-21
2021-11-25 03:30Update for io::handle and strings::hassuffixByron Torres5+10-9
2021-10-05 21:31basename, dirname: use cmd.argsEvan Johnston2+11-9
2021-09-30 01:42basename, dirname: new commandsEyal Sawady4+55-0
2021-09-27 15:06.gitignore: add sleepByron Torres1+1-0
2021-09-25 22:13Update for case statementsByron Torres7+183-122
2021-09-15 07:45sleep: new commandByron Torres2+32-0
2021-09-13 13:49nl: impl all options, paging, and parametric modsByron Torres1+177-43
2021-09-09 17:02cat: use main::errorEyal Sawady1+1-1
2021-09-09 17:02Update for yield and io::fileEyal Sawady4+12-12
2021-08-20 10:16nl: new commandByron Torres3+115-2
2021-08-20 17:13Makefile: add HAREFLAGSDrew DeVault1+2-1
2021-07-08 19:07Add README.mdDrew DeVault1+3-0
2021-07-08 19:04head: don't double-buffer stdinDrew DeVault1+3-4
2021-07-08 19:00head: new commandDrew DeVault4+61-1
2021-07-08 18:47uname: new commandDrew DeVault3+61-1
2021-07-08 18:19tee: new commandDrew DeVault4+55-1
2021-07-08 17:04Streamline makefileDrew DeVault5+17-18
2021-07-08 16:38true, false: new commandsDrew DeVault3+16-1
2021-07-08 16:35Makefile: add 'clean' targetDrew DeVault1+5-0
2021-07-08 16:31Initial commitDrew DeVault5+725-0