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diff --git a/README.md b/README.md @@ -1,7 +1,6 @@ # pdssg - pandoc static site generator -A shell script which generates a static site and Atom feed from Markdown files -with pandoc. +Generate a static site and Atom feeds, with Markdown, shell, and pandoc. ## Requirements @@ -10,50 +9,62 @@ with pandoc. ## Installation -Go to one directory above your website source directory, and `git clone` the -pdssg repo. +Clone pdssg beside your site source directory ```sh -$ pwd -/home/user/website -$ ls -src $ git clone https://github.com/torresjrjr/pdssg $ ls -pdssg src +src pdssg ``` -You should now have an executable is a single shell script `./pdssg/pdssg`. - ## Usage -pdssg is a single executable shell script, with an optional `config.sh` script, -and no command-line flags. It simply generates a site from an exiting `src/` -directory. +To run pdssg: ```sh $ ./pdssg/pdssg ``` -pdssg's design is modular. It requires a neighboring `src/` directory with the -site contents (Markdown files to be converted to HTML). Here's an example site. +pdssg is a single executable shell script, with no command-line flags. It simply +generates a neighboring site directory `dst/` from an exiting, neigboring `src/` +directory with the site contents (Markdown files to be converted to HTML, and +other files). + +pdssg's design is modular and tree-based. Here's an **example site**. ``` src/ |-- index.md |-- about.md -|-- archive.md -|-- archive/ +|-- posts.md +|-- assets/ +| `--- style.css +|-- posts/ | |--- 2020-01-01-new-year.md | |--- 2020-02-01-corona-what.md | `--- 2020-03-01-stuck-at-home.md -`-- feed/ - `--- atom.md +|-- feeds/ +| `--- posts.md +`-- _ignore ``` -pdssg expects Markdown files to have a YAML frontmatter block, which is an -initial block of YAML metadata surrounded by a pair of `---`. The frontmatter -should at least have a `title:` value. +### Webpages and Markdown + +[Markdown][MD Wiki] files will be converted to HTML files, ready as webpages. +The exceptions are filepaths matched by patterns in an `./_ignore` file. + + [MD Wiki]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Markdown + +pdssg expects Markdown files to have a [YAML][YAML Wiki] frontmatter block, +which is a block of YAML metadata surrounded by a pair of `---` preceding +everything else. + +The frontmatter should at least have a `title` value, which will be used to make +a `<h1>` heading. `author` and `date` values are recommended when appropriate. + + [YAML Wiki]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/YAML + +Example of a Markdown file: ``` --- @@ -62,18 +73,38 @@ author: John Smith date: 2020-12-30 --- -contents... +## Markdown contents... ``` -When pdssg is executed, it copies the `src/` directory to `dst/` and converts -all markdown files (ending in `.md`) to HTML, except for files in the -sub-directories `ast` (assets), `pub` (public), and `feed` (atom feed). +### Atom feeds + +[Atom][Atom Wiki] feeds are RSS-like feeds based a newer, improved syndication +format. They are essentially used just like RSS and referred to as such. + + [Atom Wiki]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atom_(Web_standard) + +pdssg can make Atom feeds from directories, with their contained files as feed +entries. To do this, make an "Atom seed file" as such: + +1. Note the path of the Directory. +2. Prepend `./feeds/` to the path. +3. Append the `.md` file extension. +4. Create a Markdown file with this path. +5. Write a YAML frontmatter to the file. + +Refer to the example site above (the `posts/` directory). + +The resulting Atom feed will be at the path but with an `.xml` extension. In +this example, the atom feed will appear at `example.com/feeds/posts.xml`. + +**NOTE:** File entries are ordered alphanumerically by their filenames. + +--- ## Author's notes -This was originally a farily personal script I made to challange myself, and to -generate my own site. At the request of a friendly blogger, I made it public. +This project was born out of a personal challenge, for my own site. At the +request of a friendly blogger, I cleaned it up and made it public. -You can contact me at my Telegram: [t.me/torresjrjr](https://t.me/torresjrjr). -I'll more likely respond there. +Contact me: [t.me/torresjrjr](https://t.me/torresjrjr).